Welcome to the Wrightsville Beach Foundation (WBF) website, formerly the WB Parks and Recreation Foundation. This non-profit organization was founded in 2005 when a group of WB Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee(WBPRAC) members and concerned residents identified a gap between park amenity needs and lack of town funding. The committee obtained non-profit status and started a membership and sponsorship drive with proceeds going towards improvement of the park equipment such as a new gazebo, picnic table and grills and a kayak for the Wrightsville Beach Elementary School. Some of our recent accomplishments include:

TASTE OF WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH – In partnership with the Wrightsville Beach Chamber of Commerce, the WBF held the Inaugural Taste of Wrightsville Beach. Proceeds benefited the Wrightsville Beach Beautification Project and Stop Hunger Now. We are working with Mihaly Land Design on an exciting downtown revitalization proposal. The 2nd Annual event was even more successful benefitting the Wrightsville Beach Beautification project and the New Hanover Weekend Meals on Wheels project. This year's event will be held on Saturday, October 11, 2014 on the waterfront at MarineMax. Click on the "Taste of Wrightsville Beach" tab for details. Join the WB Foundation to receive a discount!

FARMERS MARKET- This popular event would not have happened if the WBF had not stepped in and committed to fully funding the operational costs of the market so NO tax dollars would be used. The most recent resident “WB Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey” listed the Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market as one of the top attended programs on the beach. 

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT AND CONCERTS IN THE PARK- The WBF and Wrightsville Beach Merchants Association (WBMA) partnered with the town to hold Family Movie Nights in the park for the past 2 years. In lieu of movie nights this past year, WECT agreed to add 4 more of the popular “Sounds of Summer” concerts in the park contingent upon private funding. The WBPRF and WBMA have helped raise over $12,000 to cover the additional costs for the past two years.

TENNIS WINDSCREENS- The town accepted a generous donation from the WBF compliments of Carolina Marine Terminal to purchase windscreens for the newly renovated courts. We also supported an Eagle Scout project to build a covered bench on the courts.

HARBOR ISLAND GARDEN CLUB WATER FEATURE – WBF made a $500 donation toward this exciting addition to the Harbor Island Garden Way.

BIKE RACKS – The WBF donated 3 bike racks and installed them at popular beach accesses. We are currently working on identifying other areas on the island in need of bike racks. Please let us know if you see a need.

OCEAN RESCUE CALENDAR FUNDRAISER – This year we are proud to be creating the first annual Wrightsville Beach Lifeguard Calendar.  Sales and sponsor proceeds will benefit the Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Team’s participation in the National Lifeguard Competition.  The calendar, in addition to providing beach memories while hanging on the fridge in January, will demonstrate beach goer’s good fortune in having such a well-trained Team to watch over us.  Available in early July, at $15 these calendars will make great stocking stuffers! 

SHOP WBF -  Check out our shopping page to purchase your official Wrightsville Beach flag, WBOR calendar and other items.

WBF PIER TO PIER CRAB CRAWL 5k RUN/SUP/FUN WALK  – Look for information on these upcoming events next spring.

SKATE DAY IN THE PARK – The WBF hosted a couple of skate day in the park events to raise awareness about the local popularity of the sport and helmet safety. The event was well attended by local youngsters and skateboard celebrities. 

The Town of Wrightsville Beach has been blessed with unique natural resources such as the beach, park and popular “loop”. Check out our partner, "The Loop" for updates around the beach and on the loop at www.wrightsvillebeachloop.com.

The WBF's goal moving forward is to partner with the WBPRAC and town leadership to support the future needs and wants of our residents included in the recent “Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey”. Safe bike paths were the #1 new amenity residents requested and we want to help make it happen!

We reached our 2013 goal to increase membership to over 100 and membership is open to everyone. Please join the Wrightsville Beach Foundation in support of these efforts by clicking on DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP FORM, completing and mailing it with a nominal donation. You will receive a WBF decal, $15 off the 3rd Annual Taste of Wrightsville Beach and updates on our projects.  

Share with us what you would like to see improved/added on the island and check us out on Facebook. If you would like to actively participate in the group, email us at wrightsvillebeachfoundation@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support!

Kind Regards,
Jim Smith and Lori Rosbrugh
Co-Chairs, Wrightsville Beach Foundation

Board Members: Lisa Weeks, Linda Brown, Jim Smith, Jim Mincher, Valerie Wiegman, Kim Wilt, Layne Smith, Laura Paul, Lori Rosbrugh, Tim Taylor, Jim Greiner, Rene Wheat and Keith Register , Tim Taylor, Harper Fraser, Elise Running and Pat Prince.

The Wrightsville Beach Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit Tax id #20-2346646